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Part No.:


Power rating

Defined as the maximum output power the GPU can produce continuously under normal conditions.


Civil 400Hz: Once power is connected and activated to the aircraft, if the aircraft accepts the power it links a 28VDC signal to the F pin in the plug, the aircraft needs to receive the same 28VDC signal back on the E pin in the plug, this allows the aircraft to continue drawing power. The signal on E and F pins is also feed back to the GPU, this is used as confirmation that the GPU is supplying an aircraft.


For all engine related spare parts, maintenance and overhaul. We refer to the specific engine manufacturer’s local service representative, links can be found on the engine manufacturers official web site.


Digital GPU manuals well be supplied on request, please include serial number when requesting.

Digital PCA manuals well be supplied on request, please include serial number when requesting.

Where do I find the serial number?

On the back of the unit, on a glossy metal sign.

Problem: Gatevoltage error

Error code 210x, replace gatedrive board according to the error code.

Problem: Inverter current to low. phase X

Check output voltage and inverter current in the black box.

If output voltage is present, replace capacitors. If not replace inverter module.

Do you repair PCB’s?

No, not possible. Please contact us at for an quotation.

Do you repair modules?

The modules have to be returned to ITW GSE for refurbishment.

Please contact us at for further arrangement

Where should I ship my parts to?

Please make an arrangement with our customer support by sending an email to

prior to the dispatch of the parts.

Our address is:

Smedebakken 31-33, DK-5270 Odense N

Problem: Interlock missing

Please check if the plug is correctly inserted into the aircraft.

Problem: Control voltage to low

Update software to the latest revision.

Problem: ICE error

Update VFD software to the latest version.

How do I replace the 90% switch in the Power coil cable

The 90 % can not be replaced. You have to replace the aircraft connector.

Problem: Cooling module pressure to low

Replace pressure sensor.

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