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Go Green On Ground

ITW GSE Go Green On Ground

Save EUR 100,000 per year per narrow-body gate and reduce your CO2 emissions.

The Concept

The APU of a narrow-body aircraft consumes approx. 150 L fuel / hour. Replacing the aircraft APU with a fixed 400 Hz and pre-conditioned air installation, means typical savings of approx. EUR 100.000 per gate per year for a single aisle gate. This is what we call the AXA Power Go Green On Ground Concept!

The switch to an external power unit and a PCA also reduces your carbon emissions by approx. 80-85%! This is important for the environment and also because a new European CO2 emission legislation entered into force for commercial flights within the EU in 2011 and for flights to and from the EU in 2012. Making no changes may cost you money!

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