One Plug – One GPU

One Plug – One GPU

At AXA Power, we believe in the “One Plug – One GPU” philosophy because this gives the best voltage quality at the aircraft plug.

Since the max. power that an aircraft plug can transfer is 90 kVA, it makes sense to let this criteria determine the rating of the GPU.

One may not always be able to exploit the total GPU power at the time of installation, but with the ever increasing power requirements of modern aircraft, it is almost certain that full power will be required after a few years.

Of course, it goes without saying, that for power requirements above 90 kVA i.e. 180; 270 and 360 another GPU is simply added.

The One Plug – One GPU philosophy makes it possible to take advantage of AXA Power’s patented “Plug & Play” system – an outstanding voltage compensation system.