AXA 2200 Power Coil

Discontinued range
AXA 2200 Power Coil has been replaced by the AXA 2400 Power Coil.


The optimal choice of 400 Hz Ground Power for PBBs

Traditionally, a 400 Hz ground power solution for passenger boarding bridges consists of several separate systems or parts, i.e the GPU, a cable coil or a hoist, interconnection cables and aircraft cable; often from different manufacturers, all requiring separate on-site testing and commissioning. With the launch of the AXA Power coil, all these disparate components have been combined in one single state-of-the-art unit.

The system consists of one housing built together with one 90 kVA solid-state converter and a frequency controlled electro-mechanical chain driven cable drum. The drum is able to coil the aircraft cable in and out automatically without help from the operator. The frequency drive provides smooth rpm ramping and less mechanical stress.

Unsurpassed Advantages

Designed as a single, completely encased unit, the AXA Power Coil is less susceptible to adverse effects from exposure to the elements, such as sunlight and harsh weather. This minimises the overall cost of maintaining the unit. What’ s more, the AXA Power Coil saves space and weighs up to 40% less than most GPU/coil solutions.