AXA 2300 Power Coil

Discontinued range
AXA 2300 Power Coil has been replaced by the AXA 2400 Power Coil.


The AXA Power Coil solution combines the outstanding performance of the
400 Hz solid-state ground power unit with the best performance from the
well known cable coil technology. The enclosure protects the 400 Hz as well as the cable retriever part against direct sunlight and tough weather conditions. Easy and more ergonomic handling provides airport staff with a good, solid and easy piece of equipment.

The System

The AXA Power Coil consists of a 400 Hz solid-state converter and a cable coil for the 400 Hz output cable in one single housing. The unit is thus one integrated system from the mains input to the aircraft connector. Operation of the unit is carried out via controls on the aircraft connector and / or a control box used when the connector is out of reach (fully coiled).

The combination of a fixed solid state 400 Hz converter with a cable coil at output gives the following advantages:

  • Weight reduction compared to the traditional solution with a separate converter and a cable coil
  • Space saving
  • One complete, tested and adjusted system
  • Only main input cable installation is required. Phase sequence checkfacility is standard.
  • Requires no further cable compensation / adjustment.
  • Simplified mechanical installation.

Unsurpassed Advantages

  • Easy installation
  • Less stress on the passenger boarding bridge
  • Optimized for all-electric aircraft
  • Optimum voltage quality at the aircraft plug
  • High reliability and easy maintenance
  • Quick connection

Download of Documentation
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