Jubilee at AXA

Research & Development Manager

Søren Dahl

SD_Sort_Hvid.jpghas been with AXA Power for 25 years on coming Tuesday.

Søren literally got a flying start of his career at AXA Power where he was asked to lead the development of a 400 Hz ground power unit. After one year, the result was presented at the Inter Airport Show in Frankfurt in 1987. Since that time, Søren and his team has done their best to match the changing power requirements of aircraft. And today, AXA Power holds a very strong market position within the aviation business.

Recently, Søren was appointed Research & Development manager for the ITW GSE Group which includes Hobart Ground Power and Houchin Aerospace among others.

We celebrate the day at AXA Power with a reception held on Tuesday 1. November from 12.00 hours.