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cable inspection test kit

Cable Inspection Test Kit

We’ve made cable inspection and maintenance easier with the J&B Aviation Cable Inspection Kit.

We have packaged everything needed to test and inspect your cables in a heavy duty lockable protective case.

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cable inspection test kit

Kit includes:

  • JB471 Aircraft Connector Tester
  • JB472 Pin Gauge Tester
  • JB473 Tensionometer
  • JB474 Flir Imaging IR Thermometer
  • Wire brushes to clean out contacts
  • Step by step instructions for inspecting cables and connectors

This Cable and Connector test kit is assembled to provide all the tools and supplies needed for testing of your cables and connectors in the field or in the shop.

Items listed below sold separately

Aircraft Connector Tester – JB471

The JB471 is a “Go/No-Go” device that is utilized to determine whether the aircraft’s 400 Hz pins are worn beyond accepted tolerance levels.

The JB472 is a precision machined tool that provides for the proper testing of aircraft cable plugs to ensure positive, safe connection.

aircraft connection tester

Pin Gauge Tester – JB472

The solid-state technology means that wear and tear is limited to a minimum since there are no rotating parts.

The result is a very reliable and dependable unit that is built to last for a long time. In case of service or repair, the canopy can be completely removed within minutes, thus leaving full access to all parts.

Tensionometer – JB473

The JB473 provides an accurate digital readout for testing removal force.

tensionmeter aircrafts