Plug & Play System

Unique voltage quality

Get an outstanding output voltage right where it matters – at the aircraft plug
The general design rule is that the voltage at the aircraft plug must be
115 V ±3 V.

But what about future requirements?

Nobody knows what the design criterias of the future will be.
Our best guess is that the tolerance will narrow. Therefore, the Hobart 2400 Hz ground power units are all provided with the patented Plug & Play facility – a unique and revolutionary way of compensating for voltage drops in distribution cables which provides you with the best possible voltage where it is needed: namely at the aircraft plug! This goes for both traditional power factor 0.8 aircraft and new power factor 1 aircraft.

The Hobart Plug & Play system automatically identifies all relevant cable parameters to determine the voltage drop and controls each phase individually as a function of any load characteristic.



Hobart Plug & Play

The feature surpasses the traditional compensation systems, where the voltage is regulated as a function of the average output current or where the system relies on voltage feed-back from the plug.

One Plug – One GPU