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Power by the Hour

ITW GSE 140CU20 und 180CU20

EPA Tier 3 / Carb Tier 3 / EU Stage IIIA


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140CU20 and 180CU20

CU20 sind dieselbetriebene 400-Hz-Umformer, die ein innovatives Kühlsystem bieten, das darauf ausgelegt ist, dass sie innerhalb der Anforderungen der Motorinstallation betrieben werden.

Performance Features

  • Large stainless steel fuel tank with 10 hour run time
  • Low fuel warning and shutdown
  • Delayed stop for turbo protection
  • Emergency stop shutdown
  • Hobart dual bearing generator offers long life and reliability
  • Numbered, color-coded wiring
  • Towbar activated braking system
  • Superior frequency & voltage regulation
  • Lift-off doors and removable panels provide complete access to engine, generator and control compartments
  • Lost neutral detection
  • Dual 400 Hz outputs for wide body aircraft support

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