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First Article Inspection Report


ITW GSE Military requires that all suppliers furnish a first article report when a fabricated product meets one of more of the following criteria:

  1. Supplier is fabricating the product for the first time.
  2. First Article is required per flow down requirements noted on the Purchase Order
  3. When the supplier has not produced the product for 24 months.
  4. If the supplier has relocated their facility utilized to produce the product.
  5. A change in sub-tier suppliers has occurred.
  6. Products are fabricated to a newly revised drawing.


A The First Article Inspection (FA) report requirement defines the information to be incorporated on to all FA reports submitted for review for all products manufactured by an approved supplier.


Measured Results: The actual measurement of 100% of all features and all notes on the drawing, this shall include but is not limited to special processes (weld requirements, painting, plating, heat treating etc) and dimensions listed as “TYP” and or dimensions that are 2 places or more.

Please see ASTM E 29 for the industry standard rounding technique, which is applicable to all scientific work regardless of its nature (first article included).

E.g., a dimension on the print is listed as “Slot .37 Wide X 2.00 LG thru 2 pl” list on FA report the same way. If your measuring device’s readout displays more decimal places than the specification/drawing then you are required to round your reading to match the number of decimal places in the specification/drawing.

Example – 0.021″±0.001″

  • 0.0211″ to 0.0214″ must be rounded down to 0.021″ for 2 significant digit specifications;
  • 0.0215″ to 0.0219″ must be rounded up to 0.022″ for 2 significant digit specifications; (unless the last retained digit from the rounding method is even, e.g., 0.0225″ is rounded down to 0.022″ since the last digit retained is even, while 0.0226″ is rounded up to 0.023″)
    Fabricated Part: Products that are manufactured to ITW GSE Military’s drawing requirements.

COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf): Products that require a Certificate of Compliance C of C only, unless otherwise specified on the Purchase Order.

Procedure/Method: All FA reports require the following information on all pages unless otherwise indicated:

  • Part name
  • Part number
  • Revision level
  • Purchase Order number
  • Part status (New, revised, recertified, reworked
  • Suppliers/Customers name
  • Item number (number assigned to drawing feature or note)
  • Dimension/Specification
  • Measurement results
  • Check off columns: Indicating if part in or out of tolerance
  • Tolerance: Indicate as per drawing requirements for each line item or if similar a note “All tolerances are +/- unless otherwise indicated” (page one only)
  • Page number (1 of X)

NOTE: Revised parts that are classified, as a redesign will require a new FA report.

The FA report shall be attached to a copy of the drawing, with all item numbers on the FA report annotated on the product drawing.

Alternative FA Reporting: A submitted FA may be submitted by annotating the measured dimension directly onto the drawing. Each measured dimension shall be placed next to the corresponding drawing dimension. Notes must also be annotated.

All FA reports shall be validated by the supplier with an appropriate inspection stamp and/or a signature.

First Article Inspection Report Requirements.doc – August 10, 2011