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APP Privacy policy

Data protection notice for ITW GSE mobile Apps.

Data Protection Notice

This Data Protection Notice governs the extent to which ITW GSE collects, processes and uses personal data in connection with the access and use of ITW GSE Mobile Apps.

We will collect, process and use your personal data in compliance with the applicable data protection laws. We will collect the relevant personal data only if permitted by law or if you consent to the processing of personal data.

Controller´s and Data Protection and Privacy Officer’s Name and Contact Details
This Data Protection Notice applies for processing of data by:

Controller: ITW GSE, Smedebakken 31-33, 5270 Odense N, Denmark, phone: +45 63186000

Collection and Storage of Personal Data, Categories and Purpose of Processing
The following personal data is automatically transferred to or collected by ITW GSE when logging into or using the Mobile Apps:

email address (= username)
date and time of the request
access status / HTTP status code
If you download, access, or use our Apps, we may receive and store certain information about your mobile device(s) automatically using automatic data collection technologies. The information about your mobile device is not stored with your personal data. There is no direct association between the information about your mobile device(s) and your personal data.

Mobile App activation

Upon Mobile App activation, we automatically gain access to the following authorizations via the user's mobile device operating system:

Internet access
Required for downloading map data. The map constitutes an elementary component of the App. Machines are displayed on a map indicating their latest logged position. For this purpose, sections of the map (parts of the entire world map) in which the machines are located, or which are explicitly retrieved by the user by zooming into the map, are downloaded.

Internet access is also required for bilateral ITW GSE DataPlatform communication. Machine data is stored directly onto the ITW GSE DataPlatform. The App processes this data to make it available to the user. Access is granted upon successful login via a secure interface.

Network status information

These are retrieved to detect whether or not an Internet connection can be established. Network status information is also required to ensure App stability and to inform the user in the event of connection issues to, thus, enable the user to independently initiate troubleshooting measures in a timely manner.

Alternative option upon special request: 'Biometric information
Used to simplify the login process. The user can opt to log-in via fingerprint as an alternative to username and password. Fingerprints are not stored by the App, only by the operating system. Through this authorization the App acquires permission to compare the fingerprint with the fingerprint stored in the operating system and thus confirms the identity in the event of a positive match.

Certain information may be stored locally on your mobile device while you use our Apps and their respective features. The scope of locally stored information varies by App. While ITW GSE does not transmit information stored locally, please be aware that any information stored on your mobile device may leave your mobile device through automatic backup processes, manual download from your mobile device, and through other means outside of ITW GSE’s control.

Processing purposes and legal basis: Fulfillment of contractual obligations (enabling and provision of the App), and marketing purposes, to the extent protected under applicable data protection law.