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ISO Certificates

ITW GSE provides complete GSE solutions, including 400 Hz ground power units and pre-conditioned air units. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our products are CE marked or UL approved.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is a quality management system acknowledged and recognized worldwide and for many the standard is a synonym for quality, effective management and structured customer relations.

At ITW GSE, we have streamlined our quality procedures – right down to the factory organization.  To ensure that customers ordering an ITW GSE Ground Power Unit will get precisely the same product quality no matter where the product is manufactured,  ITW GSE decided to streamline the processes and quality guide lines some years back. This process included sharing working instructions, doing cross-training of staff, ensuring paperwork etc.

We even went so far that we have  identical production set-ups at both manufacturing facilities. It was a true team effort that took us there. Finally, in 2019, we could boast ourselves of becoming certified as one global division according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system”.

An example is the ITW GSE 2400 GPU that has an extremely high efficiency (94%), no CO2 emissions at the place of work and low noise levels. This means that the 2400 solid-state GPUs (including the 2400 Power Coil) are the greenest they can be; much to the benefit of the airport, the passengers, the airport staff, and the environment.

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ISO 14001:2015

Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 enables companies to evaluate the risk of its environmental circumstances, to proactively implement environment and sustainability as part of the company’s core business and to ensure the top management that the company’s sustainability goals will be achieved.

This certification aligns well with ITW GSE's strategic commitment to actively promote a clean and safe environment throughout all areas of our business and includes the Odense (DK) and Palmetto, Florida (U.S.) locations.

On the product development side, environmental factors are taken into consideration from concept to product release.  These factors include materials, manufacturing processes, equipment operation, maintenance, and end-of-life considerations.  An example  is the  ITW GSE  7400 family of battery-powered ground power units that provide aircraft with clean, reliable power world-wide.  An ideal solution for customers looking to improve their environmental footprint while reducing equipment maintenance and cost of ownership.

On the operations side, constant improvement of ITW GSE's environmental impact is at the forefront of the layout and operation of our manufacturing facilities.  We are dedicated to being an environmentally responsible neighbor in the communities where we reside by setting aggressive environmental improvement goals each year.  These goals may cover a wide range of areas from product development and manufacturing improvements to the utilization of suppliers that share our commitment to a clean and safe environment.


itw gse iso certificates 14001 and 9001

Quality Objectives

We focus our resources on those areas that are important to us i.e.:

  • Creating value added unique industry solutions  based on converter technology
  • To simplify customer operations and to reduce complexity, ITW GSE's focus is on system approach
  • Manufacturing simple effective above ground solutions
  • To maintain and enhance the quality of our products, we focus on continuous improvement in all processes: R&D, sales, manufacturing and after sales
  • We focus on the 20% of our customers that account for 80% of our  products
  • Focus on core products to ensure that we have the required resources available and that we satisfy the requirements of the authorities at all times
  • To achieve the highest possible product reliability, we focus on product line simplification


Environmental Objectives

Environmental responsibility has been incorporated into all aspects of our business to include:

  • Meeting and exceeding all environmental laws and regulations.
  • Product development with consideration given to materials, emissions, equipment operation, maintenance, and product life-cycle.
  • Manufacturing operations to include material transportation and storage, production processes, testing facilities, as well as facility and grounds maintenance.
  • Utilizing suppliers that share our commitment to protect the environment from harm and degradation.
  • Providing customers with equipment that helps them meet their environmental goals while providing state-of-the-art, cost effective aircraft ground support solutions.
  • Educating and supporting our employees on ways to continuously improve our environmental footprint.
  • Assuring we are responsible environmental neighbors in the communities where we reside.

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