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Power by the Hour

Power by the Hour

Power by the Hour (PBTH) is a fixed rate subscription that gives you instant access to green equipment, without major capital investment.


Well, ITW GSE's flexible and fully scalable subscription plan, with per hour billing, simply matches your needs and makes it easy for you to phase out polluting diesel units.

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Discover your savings!

See the amazing savings in US dollars and CO2 emissions!


A diesel GPU typically runs eight hours a day. All the time at high speeds to generate the 400 Hz necessary to supply an aircraft with power. Doing so, the diesel GPU consumes more than 40,000 liters (10,550 gallons) of diesel a year. To this comes overhaul, maintenance and repairs. In fact, 2/3 of your expenses for a diesel GPU are operating and maintenance expenditures. Because of the higher operating expenditures (OPEX) you can replace all your old equipment with new eGPUs on a Power by the Hour plan - and even save money. BUT you also save the world and the immediate environments for a lot of CO2 emissions.

In Europe alone, there are approximately 4,000 diesel GPUs running day in and day out. If we replace just 1,000 of those, this corresponds to removing the emissions from 48,000 cars each and every year!

Go Green 
Cut Costs 

If you lease a diesel GPU on a 6 hours/day basis your OPEX will be $65,000 a year. In comparison, an eGPU on a Power by the Hour subscription costs approx. $48,000 a year. Therefore, choosing an eGPU means reductions of your OPEX with more than $50.000 over three years - per eGPU.

Six hours a day is a modest figure compared to the average use in the industry. The more hours your eGPUs run, the more you save. Furthermore, we do not consider any GPU that you have in reserve to ensure a resilient operation. Even if you usually buy your GPUs, you come out on top when you choose a Power by the Hour subscription instead.

(The calculation is based on average EU prices)

power by the hour graph by itw gse

When working environment matters!

A diesel GPU provides stable 400 Hz power - as long as it’s not in the workshop for repair or maintenance. But it fails in everything else. It creates an uncomfortably noisy working environment. It’s the single biggest polluter at every turnaround and the high level of NOx emissions can have a negative impact on the health of your employees.

With a fleet of eGPUs, you can leave all of this behind you and play your part in creating a more sustainable future.

The calculator shows your savings.

high co2 impact

Let's talk

The Power By The Hour subscription offers many opportunities, and we are here to discuss the opportunities within your situation.

Hit the 'Contact me' button and let's start the discussion!

Pay for what you need

With Power by the Hour you no longer have money tied up in hardware and you only pay for what you need.

PBTH is scalable and can easily be adapted to your needs. This applies both to how many units the plan includes and the number of hours you will use your GPUs per month – from 90 to 210 hours per month or unlimited. If you exceed the hours available on a yearly basis, extra hours are charged on a flat rate basis. We have no penalty rate for exceeding hours.

It’s your chance to instantly go green with minimal financial impact.

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itw gse 7400 eGPU at VIGGO Service Enablers

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PBTH brochure

Check out the Power By The Hour brochure and become inspired to how you can benefit from the PBTH subscription plan:

power by the hour contact

Let's talk

The Power By The Hour subscription offers many opportunities, and we are here to discuss the opportunities within your situation.

Hit the 'Contact me' button and let's start the discussion!