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Aircraft Hoses

Our product line offers a variety of reliable hoses and PCA connections including swivel adaptors.

Aircraft Hoses

It is well known that every piece of ground support equipment is critical to an efficient aircraft turnaround.

With that comes the demand to ensure the equipment is providing the best possible air solutions to the aircraft.

Support your aircraft handling with dependable, proven solutions and innovative designs from ITW GSE.

The product line offers a variety of reliable connections including nylon PCA connectors, swivel connectors, flat and wire wound duct hoses, and the popular Super hose.


Please do not hesitate contacting us, we are here to help you find the best solution for your specific needs.

Our legacy brands

Since 2018, our aircraft hoses have been sold under the brand name ITW GSE. You may, however, remember us by the names of J&B Aviation / J&B Aviation SuperHose / J&B Aviation Air-A-Plane / J&B Aviation Premium Hose.

Read about our brand history.

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At ITW GSE we are world-known for making high-quality hoses, connectors, and assemblies for the aviation industry.

Our hoses make sure to deliver fresh air info the aircraft's cabin for the benefit of both passengers, staff, and avionics.

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