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Super Hose

Super Hose

ITW GSE’s patented Super Hose (TM) is the lightest and strongest PC Air hose available today. The Super Hose (TM) is 50-65% lighter than the conventional PVC coated hose and is 5 times more resistant to abrasion.

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The reduced weight makes it the safest PC Air hose for use on the ramp. A 60 ft. Super Hose (TM) weighs only 35 pounds. A conventional hose can weigh up to 100 pounds by comparison.

  • Lighter weight – 60 ft. hose weighs 35 lbs. versus 90-100 lbs. for a conventional hose
  • No-rip inside liner constructed of woven nylon
  • Insulation made from aluminum on one side and polyethylene on the other – same construction as the space blankets used by NASA


  • SH1483-01: 14″ to 8″ Tapered Adapter
  • SH1483-03SS: Starter Section
  • SH1483-10: 14″ x 10′ Velcro Flat Duct
  • SH1483-20: 14″ x 20′ Velcro Flat Duct
  • SH1483-25: 14″ x 25′ Velcro Flat Duct
  • SH1483-90DEG: 90DEG Elbow Adaptor

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Formerly known as J&B Aviation SuperHose

Until 2018, the ITW GSE patented Super Hose (TM) was sold under the J&B Aviation SuperHose brand.

Read more about our brand history.