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PCA products

The world's only modular Pre-Conditioned Air.
Available for Passenger Boarding Bridges - for apron mounting or as mobile units
Ratings: ITW GSE 3400 130 or 210 & ITW GSE 3500 150 or 210

Pre-Conditioned Air units

Check out the Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) units, available in different models in respect to capacity and to function (mounted or mobile).

Did you know? The PCA is 'the brain' in the Intelligent Power Management (IPM) system, allowing you to exploite your installed power in a simply smarter way. Read about the IPM system here.

The ITW GSE 3400 PCA

Check out the ITW GSE PCA 3400 unit - the video gives you an efficient introduction to the pre-conditioned air unit.

Looking familiar? The ITW GSE 3400 PCA is formerly sold under the AXA Power and the Hobart brands.

Intelligent Power Management (IPM)

Simply smarter exploitation of your installed power

Over the past years, ITW GSE have designed and commissioned many airport projects, including PCAs and 400 Hz equipment.

Those installations have made it obvious that most electrical installations hide large, free power potentials, because they are designed to cover the power needs in a “worst case scenario” and not just the actual power consumption.

As a result of these experiences, we have developed the Intelligent Power Management (IPM), and you can read more about it here.


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