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The new ITW GSE 3500 PCA automatically adapts its airflow to the specific aircraft type - and not just to an aircraft category.

The modular design is the hallmark of ITW GSE, and ensures exceptional efficiency and reliability in a point-of-use PCA. The ITW GSE 3500 is designed around interchangeable cooling modules that are easily swapped in only 20 minutes.

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Smart advantages and features

  • Automated Aircraft Type Detection through integration with VDGS or BMS
  • Savings on infrastructure costs with optional Intelligent Power Management (IPM)
  • Maximum uptime thanks to modular design
  • Efficient optimal cooling via innovative VFD, compressor and blower
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and costs
  • Manufactured in Denmark and Florida
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Automated Aircraft Type Detection - how it works

The 3500 enhances passenger comfort via a new Automated Aircraft Type Detection (AATD) technology that integrates with your VDGS or BMS solution.

As the aircraft approaches the gate, AATD enables the 3500 to recognize its exact aircraft type – not just the category. The 3500 then automatically sets the optimal airflow settings, improving PCA cooling performance by up to 54% and reducing the risk of operator error.

Watch this video to see how AATD detects the approaching aircraft type and automatically dials in the right airflow settings.

Modular Design

The ITW GSE 3500 PCA is a truly modular PCA.

  • Replace a module in less than 20 min
  • No welding to be done at gate
  • Improved MTTR
  • Common refrigerant circuit for 150 & 210
  • An inoperative module will NOT shutdown the PCA
  • Module removable even when PCA unit mounted underneath PBB
  • Cleaning the internal plenum in less than 2h30
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Stepless regulation

The 3500 design includes updated VFD technology that allows for easy, stepless regulation of the discharge temperature. This means the 3500 supplies exactly the right amount of cold air, never more.

Most PCAs are designed for peak load conditions although these conditions probably only apply for 10-20 days each year, and deliver excess capacity for about 80% of the time, wasting lots of expensive energy and creating undesirable emissions.

Along with saving energy, stepless regulation helps lower emissions at the gate and reducess mechanical stress, improving reliability and extending the 3500's service life.

3500 stepless regulation vfd

The beating heart of EcoGate

The 3500 is much more than just a PCA. It also forms the centerpiece of EcoGate, a high efficiency system of ground support units that work together intelligently. By linking your GSE equipment together in an integrated system, EcoGate unlocks new efficiences and removes power-related barriers to progress at the gate.

The 3500 with IPM hosts several technologies that EcoGate depends on, including IPM itself. IPM monitors power consumption and allocates power dynamically, always prioritizing the needs of your GPUs and keeping total power consumption beneath a preset limit.

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Exploit your excess power with ITW GSE Power Share

Typically, a GPU is designed to deliver more power than required to meet an aircraft's power needs. And often PCAs deliver excess capacity for about 80% of the time, wasting lots of expensive energy and creating undesirable emissions.itw gse power share

The ITW GSE Power Share lets you allocate excess power from your 2400 to eGPUs and other AC units without having to upgrade the existing infrastructure.

The Power Share is a smart outlet box that can be integrated in a fixed GPU or remotely installed for a Power Coil or PCA. The Power Share will always prioritize supplying the available power to the GPU/PCA over other connected equipment which is simply disconnected. The disconnected equipment will automatically be reconnected when power becomes available.

  • Charge your eGPU or other AC units with excess power from your 2400/2400 Power Coil or 3500 PCA without having to upgrade existing gate infrastructure.
  • Always prioritizes the needs of your GPU and PCA supply to other equipment is toggled automatically when power is available.
  • Can be attached to your fixed 2400 GPU or installed independently and connected to a Power Coil or PCA

Reduce your carbon footprint and costs

Carbon reductions are top of mind for airports worldwide. Our "Go Green on Ground" concept can reduce parked-aircraft emissions by 80–85% by replacing the aircraft's APU with a 400 Hz solid-state GPU and a pre-conditioned air unit.

In addition to the environmental win, this solution saves on costly APU maintenance and benefits passengers, airport staff and the airport's general surroundings via significant noise reduction.

This 3500 PCA unit supplies fresh, clean air into parked aircraft at carefully monitored temperatures and provides a pleasant atmosphere for both crew and passengers.

Optimal and efficient cooling

When equipped with Intelligent Power Management (IPM), the 3500 enables you to set limits on how much current is drawn from the airport power supply. This ensures that the PCA will not overload your supply and risk blowing fuses or delaying an aircraft departure. If you upgrade your power infrastructure, you can easily raise your preset limit to continue providing sufficient cool air and maintain passenger comfort.

The excellent high-power factor of > 0.97, results in a line current reduction of up to 20% compared to similar PCA units with the same rating. The current reduction also means that smaller and less costly cables can be used.

Further energy savings are achieved via variable frequency drive (VFD) control of all main parts, including compressors and blowers. This ensures an absolute minimum total lifetime cost of your 3500 PCA. In addition to energy savings, state-of-the-art components ensure high performance at the output.

The 3500 PCA uses a minimal amount of refrigerant thanks to micro channel condenser technology and the unit's compact design.

R410A ensures reliable unit operation at high ambient temperatures.

Regulation of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Article 33

The European Parliament has revised the TEN-T guidelines to prioritize “increasing airport energy and operational efficiency”, and this affects airports’ usage of PCAs.

Article 33 states:

“Member States shall ensure that: (g) air transport infrastructure provides for pre-conditioned air supply to stationary aircraft.”

You can read more about the guidelines here.

EU regulation on PCAs in aviation

Formerly known as AXA Power and Hobart

Until 2018, our PCA units were sold under the AXA Power and Hobart brands.

Read more about our brand history.


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