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Airports all over the world are beginning to think greener. And more and more airports are interested in reducing their environmental impact. Often the world’s largest airports are located next to major cities that are growing in line with global trends, meaning cities and airports are coming into ever-closer contact. This leads to stricter requirements in terms of the emissions local governments can and will accept.
To support the green airports and a better working environment for the airport staff, we are introducing the ITW GSE 7400 battery-powered GPU. A unit that will help airports reduce there carbon foot print, replacing their diesel powered GPUs by clean eGPUs.


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Better Working Environment

Make a giant leap forward by replacing your diesel GPUs with ITW GSE 7400 eGPUs. In that way, you can reduce your CO2 emissions by 90% and the NOx emissions completely at the place of work.

Diesel GPUs have high fuel consumption since they need to be constantly running at high engine speeds to generate the 400 Hz power an aircraft requires. This means high CO2 emissions and high noise levels.
The ITW GSE 7400 GPU is a zero-emission alternative that uses battery power instead of conventional diesel, meaning it is practically clean and silent.


Diesel GPUs have a high level of NOX emissions.
The harmful health effects hereof are becoming increasingly better understood. The eGPU emits no NOX into its operating environment, so it can contribute significantly to a cleaner and safer working environment for your employees.

ITW GSE 7400 provides better work environment

Save more than $120,000

The 7400 GPU is a unique product with a green approach. Thanks to its lack of moving parts vulnerable to wear and tear, maintenance costs are almost non-existent, meaning overall operating costs stay low. With current electricity prices and maintenance costs, the eGPU is a clear winner in comparison to a diesel GPU.

Cumulative opex – diesel engine GPU vs eGPU

The graph shows the cumulative operating costs of a diesel GPU and an eGPU used 5½ hours/day during the year. Lower electricity and maintenance costs make the eGPU a winner in comparison. Provide your fuel and electricity prices for a customized calculation of YOUR savings.

Extreme Flexibility

The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU is set to change how airports think about ground power without making compromises. It is independent due to the onboard battery packs and can easily be transported to wherever it is needed. The flexible 7400 eGPU provides the same outstanding, well-proven features as other ITW GSE solid-state GPUs, including accurate and clean output voltage at the aircraft plug, and individual phase regulation of each output phase. It can perform multiple turnarounds before it needs recharging, and can be recharged from any standard 50/60Hz socket.

The ITW GSE 7400 is extremely flexible

A well-proven solution

The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU combines two known technologies into one innovative GPU

plug & play solution with 2400 technology


The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU is powered by 2-4 fourth-generation Nissan Leaf battery packs. Each pack has a capacity of 40 kWh. This is the same type of battery found in all Nissan-branded electric vehicles. Since 2010, over 500,000 of these vehicles have been sold, with more than 90,000 in 2017 alone.

At the other end of the eGPU is ITW GSE’s well-proven 2400 solid-state converter. This combination of two tried and true technologies has created the rock-solid eGPU. The GPU is, of course, equipped with our patented Plug & Play system and can therefore deliver a unique voltage at the aircraft plug.

usb update

Downloads and Updates

The software-based control system means your 7400 eGPU can be updated and given additional capabilities in the future, simply by transferring new software from a USB stick/flash drive. Service log files and maintenance data can also be transferred the same way for analysis and to help ensure more efficient back-office procedures and more effective facility management.

Downloads for ITW GSE 7400 eGPU