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Power by the Hour
7400 eGPU with new towbar



  • Highly Flexible
  • Zero Emissions
  • Silent
  • Almost no Maintenance 

You are not dreaming. These strong points are just some of the great qualities of the 7400 battery driven eGPU from ITW GSE, a complete clean-tech concept.

Make an instant step towards a greener future without major capital investments! And pay for what you need only. Check out our favorable Power by the Hour subscription plan.

The eGPU family includes eGPUs with one or two outlets suitable for narrow and wide-body aircraft as well as an eGPU suitable for business jets.

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background image ITW GSE 7400
7400 new towbar and ratings

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tallinn commenting on the 7400 eGPU

Save more than $390,000 on Operating Expenditures

That is our estimate when it comes to a 90 kVA eGPU ( subject to the number of hours in use)

Thanks to the eGPU's lack of moving parts, vulnerable to wear and tear, maintenance costs are almost non-existent. Therefore,  the overall operating costs are very low compared to a diesel GPU.

With the current electricity prices and maintenance costs, the eGPU is a clear winner.

Cumulative OPEX – Diesel engine GPU VS eGPU

The graph shows the cumulative operating costs of a diesel GPU and a 90 kVA eGPU used 5½ hours/day during the year. Lower electricity and maintenance costs make the eGPU a winner in comparison.
Provide your fuel and electricity prices for a customized calculation of YOUR savings.

Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) lower than diesel after 2 years.

Zero Emissions

An eGPU is the fastest short-cut to a greener and healthier environment.
Exchanging only ONE diesel GPU with an eGPU, reduces CO2 emissions by 90% and NOx by 95%

Actually, you can save 110,000 lbs CO2 emissions per year.

(numbers are valid for the 90 kVA)


Looking for more information on the ITW GSE 7400 eGPU?

We are happy to assist you.


What do clients say about the ITW GSE 7400 eGPU?

First-hand experience is one of the best ways to learn about a new product. Therefore, we are happy to provide you a sample of testimonials about the ITW GSE 7400 eGPU unit.

Improves Working Environment

Apart from being emission free, eGPUs are much more silent than diesel GPUs.
This is a pleasure for operating staff and boarding passengers who may be used to noisy diesel driven GPUs.

Some operators have even wondered whether the eGPU is working at all as it is so silent.


itw gse 7400 low noise

The eGPU is immediately ready to deliver 400 Hz power when you hit the start button - unlike a diesel GPU that may need 15 minutes of preheating before you can use it.

Extreme Flexibility

The ITW GSE 7400 battery powered eGPU is in a class of its own.

  • It comes without compromise.
  • It is autonomous.
  • It can easily be used wherever need be.

The  7400 eGPU provides the same outstanding performance and qualities as the ITW GSE solid-state GPUs:

  • precise and clean output voltage at the aircraft plug and
  • individual phase regulation of each output phase.

The eGPU can do 5-6 turn-arounds in case of a narrow-body aircraft before it needs recharging. And it recharges from any nearby 50/60Hz socket. The modular design means that the unit can be equipped with the number of battery packs needed to suit actual power requirements.  Finally, if one battery pack fails, others take over to ensure you never run out of power

A well-proven solution

The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU combines two known technologies into one innovative GPU.

  • State-of-the-art Li-ion technology at input and
  • ITW GSE solid-state converter technology at output

This is your guarantee for a very reliable battery ground power unit.



itwgse, itw gse, itw gse 7400, CEC California, California Energy Commission Compliant, battery, certificate, CEC approval, battery driven gpu, ground power unit, airline gpu, aircraft gpu, gse, ground support equipment,The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU has passed the Rain/IP test better known as document DNV-GL N141VH41.
Besides, the battery unit also qualifies for the CEC (California) – click here to read more about the program here.