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ITW GSE 7400 JetEx 28 VDC eGPU

Battery Powered Ground Power Unit equally ideal for hangars and remote use.
The 28 VDC eGPU is ideal for servicing aircraft like the Cessna Citation, Beechcraft, Gulfstream, Dassault Falcon Jet, ATR 42 and ATR 72, Bombardier Q Series / Dash 8 and others.

Contrary to other 28 VDC battery GPUs on the market, the 7400 eGPU has a very high battery capacity that allows for days of use before it needs to be recharged.

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itw gse 7400 JetEx battery driven ground power unit
ITW GSE 7400 JetEx 28 VDC eGPU

Better Working Environment

The 7400 JetEx is a purely battery powered ground power unit. Therefore, it is super quiet and emission free to the benefit of operators and staff. It also makes the eGPU ideal for hangar and for remote use as well.

The eGPU can be used for engine start, ramp operations or for test of avionics. Actually, the 7400 has enough power to perform up to 100 engine starts on a full charge. If need be, the 28 VDC power unit can be charged simultaneously while delivering power to an aircraft.


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Extreme Flexibility

The 28 VDC JetEx eGPU is independent due to the onboard battery.
The battery pack has a very large capacity which means that you can use it for a long time before it needs recharging.
Besides, the voltage quality delivered is simply excellent!

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A well-proven solution

The ITW GSE 7400 JetEx 28 VDC eGPU combines two known technologies into one innovative GPU.

itw gse, itwgse, itwgse 7400, itwgse 7400 jetex, battery driven gpu, aircraft gpu, airline gpu, hangar gpu


The JetEx eGPU is powered by a 4 fourth-generation Nissan Leaf battery pack with a capacity of 40 kWh. The same type of battery as in all Nissan branded electric vehicles. Since 2010, over 400,000 of these vehicles have been sold, with close to 90,000 in 2018 alone.

At the output of the eGPU is ITW GSE’s well-proven 28 VDC solid-state converter. This combination of two tried and true technologies has created the rock-solid eGPU.

ITW GSE Connect live tracks your eGPUs

Follow your eGPU around the airport's many gates and e.g. monitor the power level to plan charging before the battery is too low.


Common User Interface

Like all ITW GSE products, the 7400 JetEx eGPU has a common icon-based user interface that is as easy to use as a smartphone or a tablet. This means airport employees already familiar with one ITW GSE product can easily operate another, reducing human error during operation and making product training easier.


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Downloads for ITW GSE 7400 JetEx 28 VDC eGPU

usb update

Downloads and Updates

The software-based control system means your 7400 eGPU can be updated and given additional capabilities in the future, simply by transferring new software from a USB stick/flash drive. Service log files and maintenance data can also be transferred the same way for analysis and to help ensure more efficient back-office procedures and more effective facility management.

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