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ITW GSE Connect

Live tracking of your mobile ITW GSE 7400!

Make the most of your eGPUs and see the battery level, the exact location, and when it is time to book maintenance.

Livetrack your eGPUs 24/7!

ITW GSE Connect not only tells you the charging level and exact location of your eGPU - it also lets you know when it is time to book a maintenance check. This is invaluable information to ensure maximum uptime of your mobile equipment.

ITW GSE Connect is an option to the 7400 eGPU family - want to know more?

connect portal

Easy access

To ease your ground handling, we have created an app containing all the information you need to know for daily operations.

You can access the information via the ITW GSE Connect app on your smart phone or by logging in online via a desk top.

itw gse connect app

Full flexibility with ITW GSE Connect

You can set up various user types and manage who has access to the different information.

ITW GSE Connect lets you:

  • Manage your eGPU fleet
  • Find your individuel units
  • Set up geo-fence (GPS tracking)
  • See battery status
  • Get failure alarm notifications (text/email)
  • Create reports
  • Create your company dashboard & themes
  • Set up different user levels
itw gse connect advantages

ITW GSE Connect - available for eGPUs:

ITW GSE Connect is available for the mobile 7400 eGPUs:

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