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eGPU for Aviation

A battery driven Ground Power Unit is a good choice whenever you need a 400 Hz or  28 VDC power source.

eGPUs eliminates direct CO2 emissions, are virtually silent and completely independent from any input source. Therefore, they can be used anywhere in aviation – even at remote parkings and in hangars.

Why use eGPU in airports?

An eGPU is a battery driven, mobile Ground Power Unit. It is used to power the electrical onboard equipment of the aircraft while it is on the ground, getting prepared for the next flight.

At remote areas, a diesel GPU was the only option until the eGPU entered the scene. But diesel GPUs are noisy and polluting. Therefore, airports have a big incentive to replace those units with eGPUs. Actually, doing so means a reduction of more than 40% CO2 during a turnaround.

While airport operators and passengers benefit from no direct emissions and low noise levels close to the aircraft, the eGPU also ensures a short return on investment and minimal maintenance costs since there are no moving parts that are subject to wear and tear.

Read more about GPUs here.

Where can an eGPU be used in airports?

Since battery driven GPUs are completely independent from any power source, the eGPU can be used anywhere – at remote gates, in hangars and right at the gate!

The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU is a very flexible solution. It can be recharged from any nearby power socket and it can supply power and recharge at the same time.

Learn what users think about the unit; check out the 7400 testimonial page

itw gse 7400 jetex 28 VDC

Available Power Rating, eGPU

ITW GSE can supply an eGPU for any need from the small 28 VDC unit suited for commuter and business aviation to the 400 Hz power supplies that are suited for commercial aviation.

ITW GSE 7400 JetEx 28 VDC eGPU
This small unit is very powerful. It has a high battery capacity and can easily perform 100 engine starts on a full charge. No other 28 VDC GPU can do that.

ITW GSE 7400 400 Hz eGPU
Yet another powerful and popular eGPU from ITW GSE that is available with the following ratings: 90 kVA, 140 kVA or 180 kVA, sufficient to power all commercial aircraft. Users who have tried the unit, simply want more units in service – the sooner the better. Not only is the unit easy to operate, it can do several turnarounds before it needs recharging. And its silence and emission-free operation makes is popular among employees and operators.

Contact your Area Sales Manager for more information.

Supplier of eGPU for ground handling

ITW GSE is the leading supplier of eGPUs to the aviation industry.

Our product range includes a complete eGPU family that can power any aircraft from business jets to narrow and wide-body aircraft.

The ITW GSE 7400 JetEx supplies 28 VDC for helicopters and business jets.

The ITW GSE 7400 supplies 400 Hz to narrow and wide-body aircraft.

itw gse 7400 eGPU 180 kVA

eGPUs for aircraft

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The eGPUs are relatively new in the Aviation industry. This naturally leads to various questions.

Please do not hesitate asking for help - we are there for you!