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Airline Hoses

Hoses for airlines are essential in keeping a comfortable climate inside all airlines during turnarounds.

Airline Hoses

Airline hoses and connectors are essential components in aircraft ground handling, where they are used in PCA (pre-conditioned air) operations.

We supply premium PCA hoses, connectors, and assemblies, and we support your aircraft handling with dependable and innovative solutions.


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Retractable airline hose

An important part of aircraft ground handling revolves around delivering fresh air into the aircraft’s cabin to ensure passengers travel in a comfortable temperature. Certain avionics also need to be kept in stable temperatures to ensure optimum performance.

Delivering fresh air into the aircraft is carried out by PCA units (Pre-Conditioned Air units), where external air is treated, i.e., it is filtered, compressed, cooled, heated etc., before it is fed into the aircraft’s cabin ducts, from where it flows into the cabin.

Our durable hoses and connectors are designed to enhance PCA operations, as the reliable hoses are airtight and designed for flexibility, minimizing kinking, and enabling quick and efficient ground handling. Explore our product line and find a solution that fits your need.


Airline hose fittings

Besides PCA hoses, ITW GSE also supplies fittings and accessories for PCA operations in airports.

Our fittings are made for quick and easy assembly, so you can get the job done in seconds.


Airline hose connectors

Our connectors are the most durable of their kind in the industry and can withstand chemicals, fuels, and solvents. As with our other products, our connectors are lightweight and easy to install.

Aircraft hoses