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400 Hz converters

Why 400 Hz converters are essential Ground Support Equipment

What is a 400 Hz converter?

The 400 Hz converter is an external power source, a ground power unit that supplies power to aircraft while those are on the ground.

The aim of such a unit is to convert the 50/60 Hz voltage coming from the utility into a 400 Hz voltage.

Why 400 Hz? To save weight and space onboard the aircraft.
The higher the frequency, the smaller and lighter the cables, transformers etc. can be – the more room to carry passenger or cargo or…

Why are 400 Hz converters important?

400 Hz is the standard frequency for equipment onboard aircraft.
During flight, aircraft use their own engines, attached to generators, that generate the 400 Hz power to keep the electrical systems and equipment onboard functioning.

However, during turnarounds, the aircraft engines are turned off to limit the noise and the emissions on the apron. Therefore, the power supply must come from an external source.

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How do I acquire a 400 Hz converter?

If you are looking for a 400 Hz converter, reach out and contact us.

We have a full range of solid-state and battery powered Ground Power Units.

Click here for a complete overview of 400 Hz converters.

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