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Power by the Hour

ITW GSE Training Academy

Turn your team members into experts!

Refresh your knowledge!

Over time, one’s knowledge tends to become rusty. Especially in those corners that are not frequently in play. A session at the ITW GSE training academy therefore is a good opportunity to refresh your knowledge.

Topics covered in the training include maintenance procedures, troubleshooting techniques, software/firmware updates and best practices for upgrading or replacing components.

Training can be customized for different levels of knowledge or experience, such as basic training for new employees or advanced training for experienced personnel. It's also a good chance for maintenance workers to improve their skills and learn about new maintenance methods and technologies.

training academy by itw gse

User Experience

You get so much more in terms of new inspiration from the interaction with the training expert and other participants i.e.

To the left you see how Chris Beech, Business Development Manager from RATE Australia, says about the Training Academy.

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Training Calendar

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The seminars are normally held at regular intervals.

Training seminars for 2024 are seen here.
Online trainings are arranged as needed. Please see below. 

In-house Trainings

Qualifications for Participation in Training Course:

The Training Course is designed to equip maintenance staff of ITW GSE products with the knowledge and skills required to diagnose and fix electrical issues effectively. To participate in this course, you should meet the following qualifications:

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  1. Basic Understanding of Electrical Principles: Participants should have a basic understanding of electrical principles, including knowledge of electrical circuits, components, and safety precautions. This knowledge will help participants to comprehend and apply the concepts taught during the training.
  2. Relevant Work Experience: Participants should have relevant work experience in the maintenance of electrical equipment. This experience should include electrical troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of ITW GSE products or similar equipment.
  3. English Proficiency: The training will be conducted in English, and participants should be proficient in English to understand and communicate effectively.
  4. Safety Awareness: Participants should be aware of the importance of safety in the workplace, particularly when working with electrical equipment. A safety-conscious attitude and adherence to safety procedures are essential for successful completion of the course.
  5. Commitment to Learning: The course requires active participation in lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training sessions.

By meeting the above qualifications, participants will be well-positioned to benefit from the Electrical Troubleshooting and Maintenance Training Course and improve their skills in maintaining ITW GSE products.



In general: Three days with arrival on the day before seminar start, however, may vary depending on subjects.

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel accommodations and travel cost are at your own expenses.

ITW GSE has corporate rates with various hotels and we will be happy to assist you with the hotel booking.


Max. 10 persons per seminar.

(We reserve the right to cancel in case of too few participants.)

Participation Fee

USD / EUR 650,- excl. hotel and travel expenses

Course Booking

Course in Palmetto, Florida, USA: email

Course in Odense, Denmark: email



Online Training


The intent of the course will be to give all participants refresher training in the operation, maintenance and basic fault finding of their ITW Ground Support Equipment. online itw gse training academy
The training is aimed at the maintenance support teams of Ground Support Equipment .


System Requirements
As this is online training, this will be conducted using MS Teams. Participants must have access to a computer, monitor, speakers and camera. The camera is beneficial but not essential. Please remember to follow your local guidance on Social Distancing if you are looking to have more than one person attend the online training in a training room environment.


Candidates Requirements
All participants should have a good understanding of electrical theory. The training is scheduled to last 2 hours, this does allow for some questions during the presentation, there will also be time allocated for additional questions at the end. To allow us to be able to get through the full presentation on the refresher training, we recommended that candidates are familiar with the ITW Ground Support Equipment and have preferably had previous training on ITW equipment in the past.


If you are interested in online training please contact us.