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ITW GSE 2400

Compact GPU

ITW GSE monitors the market and are at the forefront of new aircraft requirements and market developments. This has been an objective since we introduced our first 400 Hz unit to the market. And it still is ! Therefore, the ITW GSE 2400 Compact is designed to fulfil the ISO 6858 standard regarding voltage imbalance and phase displacement at the aircraft plug. The ITW GSE 2400 Compact GPU series is the market’s best choice when it comes to solid-state, point-of-use 400 Hz ground power units. It is small and simple, reliable and robust. It has all kinds of outstanding technical qualities from the unique output voltage at the aircraft plug, the common ITW GSE user interface, soft-ware update via USB and the standard overload capabilities that matches all types of aircraft.

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ITW GSE 2400

Power Coil

The 2400 Coil includes a 400 Hz, 90 kVA power supply and a cable coil in one single enclosure, leaving the Passenger Boarding Bridge and the apron pleasant to look at. Especially, where glass bridges is the preferred solution, the aesthetic aspect is important. The Power Coil works perfectly well with all sizes of bridges and all types of aircraft.

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ITW GSE 2400

Plug and Play

Plug & Play voltage compensation

Modern aircraft are fitted with more and more electronic equipment. These expensive systems are extremely sensitive. For the captain to shut down the APU and transfer to ground power, and for the airline and airport operator be sure this won’t give problems, the voltage at the aircraft plug must be both steady and completely predictable.

This is why ITW GSE developed the ITW GSE Plug & Play compensation system. Within milliseconds, the Plug & Play system automatically analyses all relevant cable parameters and calculates the voltage drop despite cable type. Hereafter, it keeps the voltage on the required 115 ± 3 volts, regardless of aircraft load.

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The ITW GSE 3400 pre-conditioned air unit supplies fresh, clean air into parked aircraft, at carefully monitored temperatures. This provides a pleasant atmosphere for the crew and the next passengers, and helps make aircraft turn-around faster and more effective.

The 3400 PCA can be installed underneath passenger boarding bridges. It can also be apron mounted or mobile.

It’s the only modular PCA on the market. It is also the first with step less regulation. Therefore you get the exact flow of cool air you want – not more not less.

This all makes the 3400 PCA technology vastly superior to traditional PCAs. And means lower energy costs, less noise and less downtime. As well as more satisfied customers, and better profits.

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ITW GSE 6400 JetEx

The 6400 JetEx® 8 mobile diesel-driven 28VDC GPU offers the same quality and reliability that JetEx® owners have become accustomed to. The low profile design, combined with our rugged 5th wheel steering, provides superior visibility and maneuverability in today’s congested ramp areas.

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