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Bank Details

Be aware of requests to change ITW GSE bank account details

For your awareness and action as appropriate

Dear Customer,

Cybercriminals continue to look for ways to deceive customers into misdirecting invoice payments to fraudulent bank accounts.

One scam on the rise involves hackers sending an email, letter, or letter attached to an email. The message is fraudulent, however it looks like a legitimate message from ITW GSE requesting changes in bank account details. In some instances, the cybercriminal will call to confirm the change. In other instances, you will be encouraged to use fraudulent contact information provided in the message.

If you receive an unexpected message from ITW GSE requesting that you change the bank account information you use when paying ITW GSE invoices, please follow up with your ITW representative. Do Not Reply to the message or contact ITW GSE using any of the contact details in the message. Use the ITW GSE contact information you have on file.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue. If you have any questions regarding this message, please contact your ITW GSE representative.


Date: 22-01-2018 (reviewed June 30, 2020)

Contact the finance department

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