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Power by the Hour

Cookie and Privacy Policy

Third parties with access to cookies
- Morningtrain
Morningtrain ApS (in the following: Morningtrain) is a third-party web agency servicing ITW GSE.

Morningtrain only has access via an encrypted channel called LastPass

LastPass is strongly encrypted with algorithms making sure of complete safety in the sky. Data is encrypted on device level and kept secret for LastPass itself. That is, only the employees of Morningtrain have access to the data. The service is made even more safe a with two-step confirmation.

When an employee’s employment relationship ends at Morningtrain, the former employee is removed from all accesses to LastPass.

Morningtrain has access to data from Google Analytics. That data is solemnly used for statistics and reporting.

We use Leadfeeder to analyze the traffic on our website and to identify from which companies the traffic arrives.

At the website, visitors can get in touch with the company's employees by using the contact forms on selected pages as well as through the contact site

The information gathered from enquires sent from website visitors to the company through the website contact forms will be stored in the recipients’ mailboxes and on server backups on our website’s database. Information will be deleted automatically 6 months after an inquiry has been made.

The site is hosted by Hetzner, placed in Germany.
Read more about how Morningtrain works with your data here.