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Power by the Hour

febrero 06, 2024

100 years anniversary celebration for the Danish ITW GSE facility

Hip-hip hooray!

Our Danish facility is turning 100 years and we have of course been celebrating! 

The celebration included a team breakfast in the morning and unveiling of a collage artwork displaying photos and articles of the companies highlights from the past centry by artist Lise Thingaard Larsen, Brand Art. Local neighbours and suppliers joined a factory tour, and we enjoyed a nice, casual lunch together.

In memory of the day, we all squeezed together for a team photo and despite being rather chaotic, it was quite fun lining up.

itw gse 100 years team photo

The collage artwork being presented by the artist herself:

100 years artwork

Enjoying a burger for lunch:

100 years celebration

So, what has happened over the past 100 years?

Below you see a timeline highlighting our major milestones.

  • 1924 > The company Danish Axel Åkerman was founded and named after the owner. Repair of electric motors, batteries and autoelectric equipment.
    The company was established in Odense, Denmark, where it is still located today. Our other facility is located in Palmetto, Florida.
  • 1958 > The local Airport Manager, a friend of Axel asked him to manufacture a 28 VDC GPU for the start up of propeller aircraft to save their battery, and so he did. The unit was sold to the whole of Scandinavia and in the Netherlands and became the core of the business.
  • 1964 > The company moved from smaller facilities to its current location in Odense, Denmark.
  • 1985 > The company ‘AXA Power’ was created.
  • 1987 > A Star was born! The first 400 Hz GPU saw daylight thanks to the development of new power transistors.
    The solid-state AXA GPU was a green and clean alternative to diesel-driven GPUs. Among other, it offered less noise, no exhaust fumes and high efficiency. Besides, it required almost no maintenance.
  • 1950-2000 > The product range covers among others: Low Voltage Transformers, Automatic Voltage Stabilizers, Advanced Rectifiers, Emergency Power Supplies, and Ground Power Units.
  • 2000 > AXA Power was aquired by Illinois Tool Works.
  • 2018 > AXA Power, Hobart, Houchin and J&B Aviation was merged and became one company: ITW GSE.
  • 2024 > 100-years anniversary of the Danish factory.

A culture that unites us

Apart from innovation and a constant dedication to advancing green initiatives in the aviation industry, the core of our long-term success is a unique culture that encourages both employee engagement and retention. Employees are not just part of the company; they are part of a larger family. This goes to show in the many employee anniversaries and the high average seniority we get to celebrate every year. We believe in lifting together, and it is this collective effort that drives us forward every day. Our focus on employee well-being, including exercise during work hours and a high level of information, supports our unique culture. The employees are the core of everything we do and vital for our continued success.

«Our 100-year anniversary is much more than a company achievement; it is a celebration of the employees who form the background of our success. Our strong team spirit frames a unique culture and is the cornerstone of ITW GSE, and we highly value our employees’ contributions and dedication«, says Poul Elvstrøm, VP/GM of ITW GSE.

The 100 years in photos

Axel Åkerman, founder of the company:

axel åkerman

Axel Åkerman team in 1934:

First AXA GPU in 1958:


The factory in 1968:

The product range from 1960-1979:

AXA Power, Hobart, Houchin and J&B Aviation, all owned by Illinois Tool Works:

itw gse history

Want to know more?

You can read more about our history here.

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