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Power by the Hour

abril 24, 2024

Celebrating a Century of Innovation and Commitment

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming the editor of GHI magazine, Samantha Payne Polepaka, to our Danish facility. She was there to interview our VP/GM, Poul Elvstrøm, on the fact that the Odense-based business unit has just celebrated its 100-year anniversary.  The insightful discussion touched upon several defining aspects of our company’s long-standing success and future direction.

A Century of Excellence and Innovation

In the interview, Poul reflects on the remarkable journey of reaching a centennial milestone, emphasizing that while many companies achieve success for a decade or two, maintaining it for a century is a different challenge altogether. He attributes this enduring success to a relentless focus on 3 things: innovation, quality products, and quality of life. Poul proudly highlights that through 76 years of family business heritage and 24 years under the ITW umbrella, the core DNA of the company—its fundamental principles and values—remains unchanged.

itw gse 100 years celebration

Sustainability and Future Vision

Another significant topic is the company’s commitment to sustainability and how ITW GSE is actively contributing to environmental progress with ISO 14001 certification and a product line that includes ground power and air conditioning systems designed for energy efficiency. These systems are already enhancing the sustainability of airport operations globally. Looking ahead, Poul expresses an enthusiastic vision for the role ITW GSE can play in the broader transition towards electrification in airport operations, leveraging the company’s innovative capabilities and technological advancements.

The full interview offers a deep dive into the strategic directions and the cultural ethos that have shaped ITW GSE’s past and will continue to guide its future. To hear more about our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability straight from our VP/GM, watch the full interview on YouTube.



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