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Power by the Hour

octubre 14, 2022

Our empowering culture fosters a shared sense of accountability among all team members

This is how Clay Anderson, operation manager at the Palmetto facility sums up ITW GSE’s safety culture.  Our global team shares the load of not only work but also safety for each other.  “Our culture is underpinned by our shared beliefs and values,” said Jill Smith, ITW GSE’s human resources director. “We encourage and incentivize a steadfast commitment to safety, but it is truly driven by each team member’s desire to prioritize their safety as well as that of their colleagues.”

Since 2021, we have had a division-wide safety committee with team members from the US and DK offices, working on covering all environmental, health and safety topics.

You can read more about our safety culture in this blog from corporate ITW.


In the photos you see some of us celebrating the 2,000th consecutive day of operation without a lost-time incident.

safety 2000 days itw gse


celebrating 2000 days of safety

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