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270 VDC Power Supply for air forces

Check out this page to learn about 270 VDC Power Supply, used by air forces around the world.

The 270 VDC Power Supply is the proven choice of air forces around the world

The ITW GSE 2400270 VDC solid-state ground power unit is designed to supply military aircraft with the adequate power while the aircraft is parked on the ground.

The unit meets the stringent requirements of the world’s most advanced aircraft systems, including the F-35 and the F-22.

Since the 270 VDC is very compact and the smallest of its kind within the industry, it fits in everywhere.

It is of modular design, easy to maintain, and with a very user-friendly digital display that is easy to read.

The 270 VDC Power Supply is an option

As an option, the 270 V unit is available with a 400 Hz outlet rated 90 kVA, too.

Such unit can be used to supply different types of fighter aircraft such as F-15 Eagle,  F-16 Falcon,  F-18 Hornet, The F-22A Raptor, F-35 JSF, Mirage, NM-UACA, UAV’s and Sukhoi-30.

In doubt of the optimal unit for your aircraft? We are here to help, simply reach out.

itw gse 2400 270 VDC

How can you purchase the 270 VDC?

Read more about the specifications for the ITW GSE 2400 – 270 VDC  GPU.


Want to purchase the ITW GSE 2400 – 270 VDC? Get a quote here.

itw gse 2400 compact GPU belgium

Interested in knowing more?

Take a look at the ITW GSE 2400 270 VDC 400 Hz ground power unit, or learn more about 270 VDC for Air Forces.

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With more than 50 years of experience and expertise, our GSE lives up to our customers’ standards. In fact, we use customer back innovation here at ITW GSE.