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Power by the Hour
28V DC Banded Cable Aircraft cables

Cable en bandas de 28 VDC

ITW GSE produces the premier  28 Volt cable assembly with a molded head to take the harsh environment of today’s flight line.

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Aircraft cables

Complete Cable Assemblies

The ITW GSE 28V DC Cable Assembly is manufactured in accordance with the following:

Specifications C5756 – cable specification

Mil Spec 25488 – connector specification

Mil-C-7974D – assembly specification

The ITW GSE 28V DC Cable Assemblies are available in various conductor sizes and the following standard cable lengths:

30 ft. (2/0 and 4/0 wire size)

40 ft. (2/0 and 4/0 wire size)

50 ft. (4/0 wire size)

60 ft. (4/0 wire size)

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Formerly known as J&B Aviation

Until 2018, the 28V DC Banded Cable was sold under the J&B Aviation brand.

Read more about our brand history.