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itw gse 1400 gpu Ground Power Units

ITW GSE 1400 28 V CC

¿Está buscando un convertidor de frecuencia pequeño y potente de 28 V CC? ¿De fácil maniobrabilidad y que no requiera demasiado espacio ni en su versión móvil ni en la fija? En ese caso, el convertidor de estado sólido ITW GSE 1400 es la respuesta.

Gracias a su tecnología de estado sólido, sin piezas rotatorias, el desgaste es mínimo. El resultado es una unidad muy fiable y de la que se puede depender, fabricada para durar mucho tiempo. En caso de servicio o reparación, la unidad presenta un facil acceso a todas las componentes.

Año tras año este convertidor de 28 V CC ha demostrado ser muy robusto: funciona a la perfección incluso en las condiciones climáticas más adversas.

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itw gse 1400 product Ground Power Units 28V

ITW GSE Operator Interface

The icon based operator interface is common for all ITW GSE products. It is easy and intuitive and guarantees you correct operation.

The daily operator only has to press the combined start/stop button – nothing more. But he can monitor various parameters such as voltage and current at the display screen. For set-up and maintenance purposes, there is a deeper level dedicated for the technician.

Durable Design

The solid-state technology means that wear and tear is limited to a minimum since there are no rotating parts.

The result is a very reliable and dependable unit that is built to last for a long time. In case of service or repair, the canopy can be completely removed within minutes, thus leaving full access to all parts.

ITW GSE 28 VDC, Solid-state, Ground Power Unit, Harsh Weather Conditions, Snow and ice

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Downloads and Updates

The software-based control system means that the ITW GSE 1400 GPU can easily be updated in the future simply by transferring new software from a USB stick/flash drive. Power log and Black Box files for analysis can be downloaded the same way.

Available in the following ratings:

400 A – 600 A with peak loads of 1600 and 2400 A. The units are available in mobile as well as in fixed versions.