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3500 air coil
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ITW GSE 3500 Air Coil

Protect your hoses and ensure safe operations with the ITW GSE 3500 Air Coil.

The Air Coil is an automatic aircraft hose management system which is EcoGate enabled and optimized for use with our 3500 PCA.

The Air Coil maximizes cooling performance and keeps passengers comfortable by ensuring the best possible airflow.

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ecogate enables sticker
itw gse 3500 air coil

Features of the PCA hose retriever

  • Capacity up to 30m (100 ft) hose (depending on hose type)
  • Unit control integrated with PCA connector
  • Coil in and out via wireless communication
  • Integrated controls with ITW GSE PCA
  • Left- or right-side inlet (subject to configuration)
  • Fixed or swivel installation up to 180°
  • Automatic hose detection for fully retracted hose
  • Maintenance-free, direct-drive gear motor
3500 air coil

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Boost your Air Coil with ITW GSE SuperHoses

Equipping your 3500 Air Coil with the new ITW GSE SuperHose AirTight and SuperHose KinkFree ensures the best possible performance and maximizes the efficiency of your 3500 PCA.

Being highly insulated and designed to prevent kinks, the SuperHoses ensure the right flow and pressure while significantly reducing the airloss to the aircraft, so you will use less power from the mains supply. Together, the Air Coil and the SuperHoses not only improve the performance of the entire system, but also provide an ergonomic and safe working environment for the operators.

itw gse hoses kink free and air tight


  • Pressure: 12.000 Pa [48” H2O]
  • Airflow: 10.000 m3/h [460 ppm]
  • Air temperature: -10°C to 70°C [14°F to 158°F]


Options for 3500 Air Coil

  • Remote Control Box (if used with other PCAs)
  • Preloaded with ITW GSE hose and 8” connector
  • Apron stand
  • Straight inlet

Unlock new efficiencies with EcoGate

By linking your ITW GSE ground support equipment together in an integrated system, you unlock new efficiencies and remove power related barriers to progress at the gate.

Both the Air Coil and the ITW GSE SuperHoses are optimized for the 3500 PCA which is the beating heart of EcoGate and together they ensure better performance and higher passenger comfort thanks to the superior airflow.


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