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Velcro and Zipper Flat Duct

Velcro and Zipper Flat Duct

ITW GSE is the premier supplier of PCA Hoses. The compact and insulated Flat Duct is an extremely flexible heating and air-conditioning duct. It is constructed without wire reinforcement, allowing it to be flattened and rolled when not in use for compact storage.

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  • Cuffed Zipper and Velcro strips allow for longer duct assemblies
  • Available with inside diameters of 14″
  • Tolerant to temperature variations of -40º F to +125º F
  • Minimum R-value of 8.0 or greater

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The Flat Duct hose is a constructed of two-ply, flexible heavy duty and highly abrasion resistant vinyl coated fabric. The interior construction is non-rip nylon with moisture proof insulation between the plies. These flat ducts come with Velcro and Zippers to easily attach additional sections forming longer duct assemblies.

Formerly known as J&B Aviation Air-A-Plane Hose

Until 2018, the Velcro and Zipper Flat Duct was sold under the J&B Aviation Air-A-Plane Hose brand.

Read more about our brand history.


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