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Power by the Hour


Power rating

The maximum output power that the GPU can deliver continuously under normal conditions.

For aircraft power rating kindly refer to this lising.

One Plug One GPU

ITW GSE believes in the “One Plug – One GPU” concept as this gives the best voltage quality at the aircraft plug. Right where it matters.

Since the max. power that an aircraft plug can transfer is 90 kVA, it makes sense to let this criteria determine the rating of the GPU.

One may not always be able to exploit the total GPU power at the time of installation, but with the ever increasing power requirements of modern aircraft, it is almost certain that full power will be required after a few years.

Of course, it goes without saying, that for power requirements above 90 kVA i.e. 180; 270 and 360 another GPU is simply added.

The One Plug – One GPU philosophy makes it possible to take advantage of ITW GSE’s patented “Plug & Play” system – an outstanding voltage compensation system.

Civil Interlock

The EF interlock is a personnel and equipment safety feature in all commercial aircraft. This 28 VDC signal is not present till the GPU closes it’s output contactor and provides 400 Hz power to the aircraft. The aircraft evaluates the 400 Hz power. If within the aircraft’s tolerance limits, the aircraft closes a relay in the aircraft thus providing a 28 VDC signal to the “F” pin/wire in the power connector plug/cable.

Some load banks do not provide this EF Interlock. In this case, the EF interlock function in the unit should be bypassed.

This setting is only to be used by qualified personnel for testing of the GPU or in case the unit shall provide power to equipment other than an aircraft. Do not set this value to Bypassed for normal operation with an aircraft connected. 

The value will be automatically reset (from bypassed to Active), if the unit detects a 28 VDC signal to the «F» pin.


For all engine related spare parts, maintenance and overhaul, we refer to the specific engine manufacturer’s local service representative, links can be found on the engine manufacturers official web site.


Digital manuals can be supplied on request to or

Kindly provide the serial number of the given GPU or PCA along with your request.

Where to find the serial number of a unit

On the back of the unit, look for a metal plate indicating the serial number.

Gate voltage error

Error code 210x: replace gate drive board according to the error code.

Inverter current too low

Check output voltage and inverter current in the black box.

  • If output voltage is present, replace capacitors.
  • If not replace inverter module.

Repair PCB’s

One of ITW GSE’s objectives is to provide the most reliable GSE systems; repairing PCB’s undermines the reliability and is therefore not a service that we provide.
For further help, kindly  contact us at or


Repair of Power Modules

One of ITW GSE’s objectives is to provide the most reliable GSE systems; repairing modules undermines the reliability and is therefore not a service that we provide.
In some cases a refurbished module can be offered as an alternative. For further information, kindly contact us at or



Shipping address for parts to be returned

Prior to the dispatch of parts, kindly make an arrangement with our customer support via mail to or

Information on shipping addresses


Interlock missing

Check whether the plug is correctly inserted into the aircraft.

Control voltage too low

Update software to the latest revision.

Watch the video to learn how to check for the latest software revision:

Repair of Cooling Modules

ITW GSE recommends that modules for PCA units, that require repair of the cooling circuit, are repaired by local AC specialists,  capable of evacuating, repairing and refilling the module.
For the supply of electrical components, kindly contact us at or

Replacing the 90% switch in the Power Coil cable

The 90% switch can unfortunately not be replaced. Instead, you have to replace the aircraft connector.

Cooling module pressure too low

Solution: Replace pressure sensor.

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