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Power by the Hour
Replacement Contact Sections

Secciones de contacto de recambio

ITW GSE has patented the replaceable contact sections for 400 Hz cables. Prolong the life of your cables by replacing the worn contact sections instead of replacing the entire cable assembly!

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Prolong the life of your cables

The replacement contact section is molded as one assembly

Constructed of high quality Poly Chloroprene for durability in all ramp conditions

Replacement Nose Contact Section – Blue – JB7173

High Visibility Contact Section – Yellow – JB7174

Heavy Duty Contact Section – Black – JB7175

Thermgard® Replacement Contact Section – Green – JB7178

5 minute down time to replace on any application

When is it time to replace cables and connectors?

Regular cable inspection is a critical aspect of any maintenance program. For a step by step guide on what to look for and when to replace your cables and connectors, click here to download an easy to follow guide and description.

Download para Secciones de contacto de recambio

Formerly known as J&B Aviation

Until 2018, the Replacement Contact Sections were sold under the J&B Aviation brand.

Read more about our brand history.