Celebi Nas Airport Services chooses AXA Power

Celebi Nas Airport Services Pvt Ltd was awarded the BME concessionaire by Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd to fund and operate the Bridge Mounted Equipment at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. ITW GSE ApS was chosen as Celebi’s choice to supply a combination of AXA Power Coil 2400 and the AXA PCA 3400 to be the power and cooling solution at the new terminal and across 35 gates (incl. A380 gates).

As an esteemed and world renowned Ground Handler, Celebi’s decision to award the contract to ITW GSE ApS is another testament to the proven reliability and technology of our products. Maximizing the uptime of these BME is critical in enhancing the return on investments of Celebi, providing highest satisfaction of Celebi’s airline customers and ensuring an environmentally friendly airport in Mumbai.  

We have successfully performed the Factory Acceptance Test on the order for Mumbai which includes the following equipment:

56 AXA PCA 3400 (210 kg/min)

70 AXA Power Coil 2400

2 Mobile AXA 2400 90 kVA

The Smart Innovative Solution
The equipment is expected to be in operation over several phases commencing Q1 2016.

Both the AXA Power Coil 2400 and the PCA 3400 are based on the ITW GSE modular design platform. All units include a smart display that is easy and intuitive to use. As the display is common from one ITW GSE product to another, airport staff familiar with one ITW GSE product can easily switch to another as the icons and display are the same. Also, all ITW GSE units can be software up-graded via USB stick.


The photo shows the following Factory Acceptance Test participants:

Mr. Murat Kayin, Procurement Mgr. Celebi Aviation Holding Inc
Mr. Serhat Ay, Tech. Specialist, Global Technic, Celebi Aviation Holding Inc
Mr. Umar Adil Bhat, HEAD-GSD & BME,  Celebi Airport Services – India
Mr. Anil Kumar, Technical Duty Officer, Celebi Airport Services – India

Mr. P. Madhurai, Tech. Duty Officer, Celebi Airport Services – India
Mr. B. Narayanan, Assoc. Director, Sales, Millennium Aero Dynamics.
Mr. M. Adate, Senior Eng.Service Office, Millennium Aero Dynamics
Mr. Muthusamy, Millennium Aero Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.

From ITW GSE AXA Power

Mr. Poul Elvstrøm, VP Global Sales & Marketing
Mr. Phua Kia How, General Mgr. ITW GSE Singapore
Mr. Jesper Nielsen, Product Manager – PCA
Mr. Brian Hou Nielsen, Sr. Project Manager