New Employee in AXA Customer & Sales Support Dept.

We welcome Jan Poulsen
– new employee in AXA Customer Support

Jan-PoulsenIn order to strengthen the Customer & Sales Support Department, we have employed Jan Poulsen, Senior Electrical Engineer.
Jan started his career as an electrician in 1986 and he has been working within that field ever since. He has been involved in some big projects both in Denmark and abroad, for example: The Great Belt Bridge, The Great Belt Tunnel, Shopping Mall Fields, all Stadium shops in Denmark, Thule Air Force Base. He is experienced in all kinds of electrical works: normal installations, service, industry, ships, shipyards, underground, high altitude, from mV to KV.

Jan’s work at AXA consists of implementing, testing and commissioning of GPUs and PCAs in Doha Qatar as well as training of maintenance personnel and ground staff.

Jan is 42 years old, married, he has two children: a daughter at 17 and a son at 22. They all live in a small town close to one of the biggest suspension-bridges in the world: The Great Belt Bridge.

In his spare time Jan has a passion for RC-cars.


Welcome Jan !