Will you share your opinion with us ?

We are currently searching for experiences with the use of AXA Power equipment.

Do you want to share this information with us and with colleagues within this business area via our web-site ?
We are basically looking for all types of experiences – for instance:
Have you just changed to the solid-state technology ? What are your experiences ?
What is you opinion of the AXA Power Coil ?
Does the AXA Plug & Play system mean an advantage to you ? In which way ?
Have you changed from a centralized 400 Hz system to a de-centralized one. What are your experiences ?

Installation Photos
We very much would welcome receiving installation photos either as a part of your story – or just separately.
We look forward to receiving your valuable input.

Ms. Vibeke Bo HansenĀ  (vbh@axapower.com)

AXA Power Marketing Dept.