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Power by the Hour

140CU20 & 180CU20 Support

On this page you find instructions, spare part lists, links to videos and more for the ITW GSE 140CU20 & 180CU20 Ground Power Unit.

Discontinued product

As of Q1 2023 we no longer offer engine driven equipment.

You can see the discontinued 140CU20 & 180CU20 diesel unit here.


For Manuals and Diagram, please contact us, informing us the serial number of you equipment.

For Data sheet, please download the brochure.

Service Bulletin

Check out the service bulletin here.

Need help?

We are here to help!

Please drop us an email describing your challenge.

Including the Serial Number for you product will help us to speed up the support process.

You find the serial number on the Name Plate.

The Serial number can have one of the following structures:

  • 5 or 6 digits followed by slash '/' and then additional 2 digits. Example: xxxxxx/x.x
  • The letter 'A', followed by 6 digits, slash and then additional 2 digits. Example: Axxxxxx/x.x
  • 3 digits, followed by the letters 'PS' and then additional 5 digits. Example: xxxPSxxxxx 

North and South Americas:

Outside of the Americas: