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Apr 30, 2009, posted in News

Will you share your opinion with us ?

We are currently searching for experiences with the use of AXA Power equipment. Do you want to share this information with us and with...

Apr 16, 2009, posted in News

Do you want to communicate with your AXA GPU ?

With the AXA Service Tool it has never been easier. The AXA Service Tool is available for all types of AXA GPUs. Read more...

Apr 02, 2009, posted in News

AXA on the move – Statement by Henrik Olsson

AXA Power’s General Manager Henrik Olsson makes the point after the first month On March 2, AXA Power started up an excercise programme. Each...

Mar 05, 2009, posted in News

AXA on the move

Excercise with Power On March 2, AXA Power started up an excercise programme. Each day from 11 a.m, every staff member excercises 30 minutes...

Feb 27, 2009, posted in News

Finnavia buys AXA GPUs

Installation during Spring-Summer 2009 Finnavia just bought 16 pcs of AXA 2300 compact unit for their new International Terminal at Helsinki Vantaa Airport. The units...

Feb 27, 2009, posted in News

Round Trip in Japan

AXA Power’s General Sales Manager Mr. Poul Elvstøm and Area Sales Manager Mr. Kim Petersen take off for Japan on coming Sunday. Together with...

Feb 25, 2009, posted in News

Major Order for Qatar

The biggest order so far in AXA Power’s history Sales Manager Mr. Poul Elvstrøm has concluded a major order for Doha Airport in Qatar. The order includes...

Dec 18, 2008, posted in News

AXA Tool Box

All tools required for maintenance and service of AXA Ground Power Units are now available in the AXA Tool Box. AXA Power introduces a...