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J&B Aviation

A legacy brand of ITW GSE.

History of the J&B Aviation Brand

J&B Aviation has been providing quality products and accessories for the Ground Support industry since 1991, when founded by Allan Janis & Bruce Warne in California.

J&B Aviation was known for quality and innovative 400Hz, 270 VDC and Banded cables.

J&B Aviation has also offered a variety of accessories for all aircraft types including PCA Connectors, hoses, reels and carts and a variety hose storage solutions.

J&B Aviation patented many designs. Under the J&B brand (and continuously under the ITW GSE name), they offered replaceable contact sections for 400 Hz cables to prolong the life of cables, cable protection from scuff jackets to scuff rings, swivel connectors and more.

In year 2002, J&B Aviation was sold to ITW, and from 2014 the products were sold from the facility in Palmetto.


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