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Power by the Hour

July 26, 2010

Visit from Taiwan, Province of China

Factory Acceptance Test
of GPUs for Taipei International Airport


Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming

Mr. Lin, Tung-Chou WIST
Mr. Tsai, Yu-Ching, Taiwan Int’l Airport
Mr. Yu, Meng-Hsien Taiwan Int’l Airport
Mr. Tsou, Hsin-Tung, Taiwan Multico ( AXA Power Distributor)
Mr. Chen Kuan-Hung, Company IEEC
Mr. Huang, Li-Kuei Taiwan Multico
Mr. Wu, Chia-Hsuan WIST

The gentlemen witnessed the factory acceptance test of the 28 pcs of AXA Power GPUs to be installed in Taipei International Airport shortly.

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