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itw gse 3400 pca


ITW GSE is a trustworthy partner designing and optimizing GSE equipment. We also have strong expertise within cooling technology.  The ITW
GSE 3400 PCA is innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly. It supplies fresh, clean air into parked aircraft at carefully monitored temperatures and provides a pleasant atmosphere for the crew and the passengers. It also makes aircraft turn-around faster and more effective.
The point-of-use  3400 PCA is the market's only true modular PCA (patented). It is designed around identical cooling modules that can easily be swapped by a technician with no special skills and in 20 minutes only. This smart and innovative PCA is available in the following models: 130 kg/min & 210 kg/min.

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itwgse 3400 air

Smart advantages

  • Flexible, simple and innovative design
  • Easy and time-saving maintenance due to modular design
  • Savings on installation due to low input current
  • Optimal and efficient cooling thanks to variable frequency drives
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Passenger comfort and high air quality
  • Tested in a highly advanced in-house PCA climate chamber

Quick Swap of Cooling Module

The ITW GSE 3400 PCA is the ONLY modular PCA on the market. You can exchange a cooling module in approx. 20 minutes and without dismounting the unit from the installation spot!

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