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400 Hz Single Jacket Cable Assemblies

400 Hz Single Jacket Cable Assemblies

ITW GSE has built its reputation on our quality cables. ITW GSE's Modular 400 Hz Cable Assemblies provide the best design with the maximum number of options. Our streamlined connector provides greater versatility for today's  aircraft and future aircraft requirements.

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Performance Features

  • Replace the contact section in the field in 3-5 minutes.
  • Plug-in switch modules allow for in-field replacement with no wiring
  • Cost effective due to modular design to reduce life cycle costs and increase productivity
  • Reduce phase unbalance by 97%
  • Reduce voltage drop by 35% over banded cable
  • Thermgard protection automatically senses heat build-up (hot plug)
  • Cable assenblies ETL listed to UL standards
  • Power Conductors: 6 each, AWG #4
  • Neutral Conductor: 1 each, AWG #1
  • Control Conductors: 6 x 3, AWG # 18
  • Stranding: Class M, Extra Flexible
  • Voltage Rating: 600 VAC
  • Current Rating: 260 Amperes
  • Cold Bend Rating: -50 degrees C
  • Voltage Drop: 2.8 Volts
  • Voltage Unbalance: > 0.20 Volts
  • Max. Continuous Conductor Temp.: +90 degrees C
  • Diameter: 1.65 inches
  • Bending Radius: 10 inches
  • Weight per foot: 2.1 lbs.

Cable Head Dust Cap – JB400CY

The cable head dust cap can prevent debris. Water and live connectors do not pose a hazard to personnel or equipment.

Dust cap fits securely onto any 400 Hz connector.

cable head duct tape

Scuff Jacket – JB7501

Allows easy handling of cables on ramp and in the hangar bays. Protects against harsh weather environments and are secured with cold shrink.  High visibility orange color for  added safety.

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