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ITW GSE 2400 Cable Retriever

If you want a tidy apron, hangar or flight line, including protection of the valuable 400 Hz aircraft cable, the ITW GSE 2400 Cable Retriever is the optimal solution. The retriever comes standard supplied with 79 feet (24 m) of symmetrical cable in one piece. The aircraft plug is provided with LED's and push buttons for operation of the retriever and the connected 400 Hz power unit.

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2400 cable retriever to eco gate

ITW GSE 2400 Cable Retriever

The cable retriever can be connected to any 400 Hz source . When the retriever is connected to an ITW GSE 400 Hz 90 kVA ground power unit, you get both a solid and reliable ground power system and the benefit of ITW GSE's operator interface, which is easy and intuitive to use.
Airport staff familiar with one ITW GSE product can easily switch to another as the icons and display are the same.

The operator only has to press the combined start/stop button. Operators can even monitor parameters such as voltage and current on the display screen.

The cable retriever works perfectly with all bridge sizes and aircraft types.

Mounting options are available for free-standing and boarding bridges and for rafters in hangars.

itw gse 2400 acr cable retriever

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ITW GSE 2400 Cable Retriever part of EcoGate

The 2400 Automatic Cable Retriever (ACR) is part of EcoGate, ITW GSE’s high-efficiency system of ground support units that work together intelligently. By linking your ITW GSE units together, you can unlock new efficiencies and remove power-related barriers to affordable progress at the gate.

EcoGate prioritizes the power needs of your GPU and ACR above all other units. If a GPU/ACR experiences a sudden increase in power demand, EcoGate can temporarily 'borrow' power from your ITW GSE 3500 PCA, supplying the required GPU power while never exceeding the gate's total capacity.

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Formerly known as AXA Power and Hobart

Until 2018, the ITW GSE 2400 GPU was sold under the AXA Power and Hobart brands.

Read more about our brand history.


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