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ITW GSE 2400 270 VDC, 400 HZ GPU

ITW GSE 2400 – 270 VDC, 400 Hz GPU

The ITW GSE 2400 - 270 VDC, 400 Hz GPU meets and exceeds the stringent requirements of the world's most advanced aircraft systems including F-35 & F-22.


This 400 Hz ground power unit has an optimum voltage quality at the aircraft plug thanks to ITW GSE's Plug & Play System.


For more information on the Plug & Play System.

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ITW GSE 2400 270 VDC, 400 HZ GPU

Ground Power for Military and Defense

Many years of experience supplying state-of-the-art 400 Hz GPUs to Military and Defense customers has led to the design of the  ITW GSE 2400 - 270 VDC GPU which matches their requirements.

As our flagship, the ground power unit is of modular design. It is very compact and only takes up little space. Actually, it is the smallest within the industry!

You can easily mount it along wall spaces without compromising safety lanes - indeed a safe choice for your military application.

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Fulfils ISO 6858:2017(E)

At ITW GSE, we monitor the market and are at the forefront of new aircraft requirements and market developments. This has been an objective since we introduced our first 400 Hz solid-state GPU to the market. And it still is! Therefore, the ITW GSE 2400 Compact 400 hz GPU is designed to fulfil the ISO 6858 standard regarding voltage imbalance and phase displacement at the aircraft plug. We are even third party approved.

Small, reliable, robust

The 2400 series is the market’s best choice when it comes to solid-state, point-of-use frequency converters. It is small and simple, reliable and robust. It has all kinds of outstanding technical qualities from the unique output voltage, the smart ITW GSE user interface, soft-ware update via USB and the standard overload capabilities that matches all types of aircraft from PF 0.8 to PF 1.

Outstanding features

The ITW GSE 2400 - 270 VDC GPU offers outstanding features such as:

  • Up to 400% standard overload which makes the unit future-proof
  • ITW GSE common user interface
  • Maximum personal safety
  • Low noise
  • Fulfils Lockheed Martin’s performance specifications for 270 VDC.


  • ISO 6858:2017(E) Aircraft ground support electric supplies
  • UFGS-26 35 43 Unified Guide Specification
  • UFGS-26 35 44 Unified Guide Specification
  • MIL-STD-704F
  • UL 1012


  • Reach out to our Customer Support team informing the serial number of your unit, or visit the ITW GSE 2400 Support page.


  • MTBF (meantime between failures): 100,000 hours
  • MTTR (meantime to repair): max. 20 minutes

Available models

The 270 VDC unit is available in:

  • a fixed unit with single or dual output
  • a mobile unit with single or dual output

Refer to data sheet for outline drawings and specifications.


The 270 VDC / 400 Hz Dual Converter is compatible with these aircraft and others as well:

F-15 Eagle  // F-16 Falcon // F-18 Hornet // F-22A Raptor // F-35 JSF // Mirage // N-UCAS; UAV’s // Sukhoi-30


Need cables? See our Low Inductance Cables.

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2400 270 vdc drawing

2400 270 vdc drawing

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Formerly known as ITW Military GSE

Until 2018, the ITW GSE 2400 - 270 VDC GPU was sold under the 'ITW Military GSE' brand.

Read more about our brand history.


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More about 270 VDC and GSE

Learn more about 270 VDC for air forces and GSE in general.

The 270 VDC Power Supply is the proven choice of air forces around the world

The ITW GSE 2400270 VDC  solid-state ground power unit is designed to supply military aircraft with the adequate power while the aircraft is parked on the ground.

The unit meets the stringent requirements of the world’s most advanced aircraft systems, including the F-35 and the F-22.

Since the 270 VDC is very compact and the smallest of its kind within the industry, it fits in everywhere.

It is of modular design, easy to maintain, and with a very user-friendly digital display that is easy to read.

How can you purchase the 270 VDC?

Read more about the specifications for the ITW GSE 2400 – 270 VDC  GPU.


Want to purchase the ITW GSE 2400 – 270 VDC? Get a quote here.

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