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Mar 28, 2018, posted in News

It’s all about connections

That is confirmed by RATE, our Australian distributor. RATE has delivered quite some of ITW GSEs equipment to Perth Airport over the years. PCAs...

Mar 28, 2018, posted in News

Congrats Kotoka!

With the new installation at your capital airport. The installation of 14 pcs of ITW GSE 2400 Power Coils and 7 pcs of PCAs ...

Mar 14, 2018, posted in News

See you in Stockholm?

Join us during the Passenger Terminal Expo in Stockholm 20-22 March. Free entry click here Learn more about the advantages of the ITW GSE...

Mar 07, 2018, posted in News

Denis Mesple-Somps joins ITW GSE in Dubai

It is a pleasure to announce the employment of Denis in ITW GSE Dubai office! After some years supplying power solutions to the Middle...

Feb 22, 2018, posted in News

1400 GPU Approved

Asec Asia Pte Ltd. has just witnessed the test on a 1400, 28 VDC GPU for a customer in Singapore. The testing was led...

Feb 02, 2018, posted in News

A Cleaner, Clearer and More Cost Effective Future for the Aviation Industry

From the time the Wright Brothers inaugurated the first gravity defying machine to the rise of the Boeing 747 aircraft 114 years later, technology...

Jan 18, 2018, posted in News

Martin set to conquer Asia Pacific

The ITW GSE Singapore office has got a new employee! After some years at our Danish facility Area Sales Manager Martin Walsted is ready...

Jan 18, 2018, posted in News

Isavia updates product knowledge

Beginning of January, we welcomed 4 technicians from Isavia for training with regard to the AXA 2200 and 2400 product lines. Should you also...

Jan 16, 2018, posted in News

I AM ITW GSE – Meet Debbie

Lots of hard work and dedication goes into building our advanced machines, and we couldn’t do it without the expertise of our employees! It...

Dec 19, 2017, posted in News

Annual Holidays 2017

ITW GSE  is closed from 23-12-17 through 01-01-18 included due to annual holidays. Mails received in the above periode of time and which require...

Dec 08, 2017, posted in News

Where is the most beautiful Christmas Tree?

Just in front of the ITW GSE premises in Odense. Thanks to Sarah and Lars, this beautiful Christmas tree welcomes us each morning in...

Dec 04, 2017, posted in News

Hands-on for Fighter Wing

A while ago, we were contacted by Fighter Wing Skrydstrup, a Military Base in the Western part of Denmark, who had an AXA 2300...