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ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil

ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil

The 2400 Power Coil GPU includes a 400 Hz, 90 kVA power supply and a cable coil in one single enclosure, leaving the PBB and the apron pleasant to look at.

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ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil
ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil

Unsurpassed advantages

Quick & Easy installation

Less stress on the passenger boarding bridge

Supply all Aircraft (PF 0.8 - PF1)

Optimum voltage quality at the aircraft plug

High reliability

Innovative design

Innovative Solution based on Experience

The 2400 Power Coil offers a highly reliable and robust design including a front plate in stainless steel. The Power Coil has an improved cable guidance system that ensures easy and smooth cable handling.

As a standard, the Power Coil comes with 24 m of cable (useable length). However, the spacious housing has room for at least 28 m cable. The cable is rolled completely into the housing after use. The rolling automatically stops when the plug head is level with the lower edge of the Power Coil thus leaving the apron free.

The Power Coil works perfectly well with all sizes of bridges and all types of aircraft.

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Additional Advantages

Weight reduction compared to the traditional solution with a separate converter and a cable coil

Space saving

One complete, tested and adjusted system

Requires only mounting and mains input cable installation

No cable compensation / adjustment needed

Simplified mechanical installation