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2400 power coil feb 2023
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ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil

The very handy 2400 Power Coil combines a 400 Hz, 90 kVA power supply and a cable coil in a single enclosure.


It's the perfect design for gates where glass passenger boarding bridges (PBB) are used, as it makes the bridge and apron look neat and tidy.


This solution works well with all bridge sizes and all aircraft types.

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ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil
ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil

Innovative solution based on experience

The 2400 Power Coil offers a highly reliable and robust design including a front plate in stainless steel. The Power Coil has an improved cable guidance system that ensures easy and smooth cable handling. As standard, the Power Coil comes with 24 m or 28 M cable (useable length). The cable is rolled completely into the housing after use to provide optimal protection of the cable. The rolling automatically stops when the plug head reaches the lower edge of the Power Coil, leaving leaving the apron free.

Supply all aircraft incl. PF1

With the 2400 Power Coil, you get all the performance you know from our popular 2400 Compact GPU – including its superior voltage quality and 400% overload at output as standard. The unit is equipped with ITW GSE's smart user interface, and its software can be updated via a USB device. The unit also includes standard overload capabilities for all aircraft types – including those, such as the B787, A350 and A380, that require Power Factor 1 (PF1).

ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil Part of EcoGate

The 2400 Power Coil is part of EcoGate, ITW GSE’s high-efficiency system of ground support units that work together intelligently. By linking your ITW GSE units together, you can unlock new efficiencies and remove power-related barriers to affordable progress at the gate.

As a GPU, the 2400 Power Coil benefits from EcoGate by always receiving first-priority power. If the 2400 experiences a sudden increase in consumption, and the total power demand exceeds what is available, EcoGate technologies temporarily 'borrow' power from your 3500 PCA to meet the need. The gate’s total power capacity is never exceeded.

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Advantages of the 2400 Power Coil

  • Quick & easy installation
  • Innovative design
  • High reliability
  • Space saving
  • Less stress on the PBB
  • Optimum voltage quality at the aircraft plug
  • No cable adjustment needed (Plug & Play)
  • One complete, tested and adjusted system
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Need a new cable for your Power Coil?

We have developed a 400 Hz Cable with a unique safety device that prevents the aircraft from moving away from the boarding bridge as long as the 400 Hz system is connected to the aircraft.

Check out the 400 Hz Aircraft Cable Assembly.


The instructional video to your left shows how to replace the cable.

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ITW GSE operator interface

The ITW GSE operator interface is easy and intuitive. This is your guarantee for correct operation and on-time aircraft departures. The operator interface is common from one ITW GSE product to another, meaning airport staff familiar with one ITW GSE product can easily switch to another as the icons and display are the same. The operator only has to press the combined start/stop button. Operators can also monitor various parameters such as voltage and current at the display screen. For easy set-up and maintenance purposes, there is a deeper level intended for more technical staff.

itw gse 2400 power coil interface board


The ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil meets the requirements to pass several technical tests, including:

  • ISO6858-section 1-8
  • The 60-degree C ambient test (100% load = 99 kW)
  • The IEC 60528 (IP Code)
  • The Mold test (PCBs)

Formerly known as AXA Power and Hobart

Until 2018, the ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil was sold under the AXA Power and Hobart brands.

Read more about our brand history.

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